Gouden Carolus - Belgian Single Malt

Gouden Carolus – Belgian Single Malt review

If you know me personally, you know I’m quite a fan of a glass of whisky now and then. So I thought it would be nice to share some of my experiences and opinions. And in this first review, I gladly present to you the Gouden Carolus, a single malt whisky from “De Molenberg”.

While Gouden Carolus isn’t the first Belgian Single Malt I’ve tasted or bought, it certainly has quickly become my go to whisky to help people introduce to the wonderful world of whisky. It is surprisingly soft to drink, lacking the harsh burning sensation of some more aged whisky varieties. But it also features just a hint of “crème brulée”, which manifests itself after a little while. Being fond of sweets myself, I certainly could appreciate this surprise, as this wasn’t a taste I expected to find in a whisky.

While this whisky hasn’t won any awards (as far as I am aware of), you shouldn’t miss out on this little known pearl in the Belgian Whisky landscape. If you loved the Belgian Owl, you’re very likely going to love this one, since it’s just as soft/smooth to drink and features a very refined taste.

The Gouden Carolus is a whisky that is distilled from the mash of the Gouden Carolus Beer, which to beer lovers is an absolute classic and very popular beer. The distillery is based in the Belgian city Mechelen and can be visited. They’ve also started to offer varieties on their Gouden Carolus Single Malt, such as the Gold Fusion and the Bourbon Cask 36, which I hope to taste and review here soon.