Fixing Handbrake on El Capitan

Most of you who know me personally, know I’m quite fanatic when it comes to my DVD’s. So once I buy a new one, I usually take it out of the box once, to digitize it using Handbrake and only play it digitally from my NAS. The DVD boxes are then cleaned and stored in alphabetical order in my DVD collection, never to be played again (so my discs do not suffer any wear).

Since I haven’t bought many DVD’s lately, mostly due to the birth of my daughter last year (and my time being spent with her instead of my computer),  I was rather surprised to notice backing up my DVD’s to a digital file does no longer work on Mac OSX El Capitan when using Handbrake.

I kept getting the error notification “no valid source” after scanning my dvd.

The cause:
Due to stricter security in El Capitan, libdvdcss is no longer present. And Handbrake needs this to be able to create a backup.

The solution:
We can install libdvdcss again using Homebrew.

First we’ll need to open a Terminal window. Next, paste and execute this command:
/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Then run this command:
brew install libdvdcss

Now restart Handbrake and voila… it works!